About Licensing

Purdue University Office of Marketing and Media

Purdue University owns and controls the use of its logos, insignias, seal, designs, symbols, service marks, trade dress, trade names, depictions of campus buildings used commercially, and other trademarks, collectively called "Trademarks," that are associated with the University or any of its campuses, whether registered or not. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, the words "Purdue," "Purdue University," "Boilermakers," "Boilermaker," "Boilers," "Boiler," the University seals, Purdue Pete, the Boilermaker Special or any derivations therefrom, and such other trademarks as are owned, developed, and adopted from time to time by the University.

In order to meet the public demand for goods and services bearing Purdue's Trademarks, Purdue grants non-exclusive, royalty bearing licenses to companies to produce, market, and sell such goods and services. Purdue may or may not be represented in these licensing matters through agency agreements with licensing agents. The administrative responsibility for the Trademark licensing program rests in the Office of Sponsored Program Services (SPS) and for purposes of this policy is referred to as Purdue Trademark Licensing.

Any staff member, faculty member, student, student group or organization, outside individual, commercial organization, or company wishing to use Purdue's Trademarks for commercial purposes (including fundraising for student groups) must obtain permission to do so. All use of Purdue's Trademarks must be done under license or permission granted by Purdue University.

Use of Purdue's Trademarks without license or permission is strictly prohibited. Prior authorization of the use of Purdue's Trademarks will not be construed as an authorization of use in the future, nor will any prior course of conduct, use, or infringement prohibit Purdue from enforcing any of its rights with respect to the Trademarks. Purdue reserves the right to pursue any and all legal remedies and will take whatever measures necessary to protect its Trademarks from infringement.

Note: Purdue's protected marks may be referenced within this downloadable PDF.