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Trademarks and Licensing

Since the University's founding, traditions have evolved and various logos, symbols, and phrases have come to represent Purdue University. The mission for the Office of Trademarks and Licensing is to control, protect, maintain, and promote these marks.

Licensed products maintain the integrity of the Purdue brand and benefit the University in many ways, including Purdue's general and athletic scholarship funds. We encourage consumers to support Purdue University by purchasing licensed merchandise.

The Office of Trademarks and Licensing contracts with the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) to administer the license application process on behalf of the University and assist with issues of legality and enforcement. Please refer to the Licensing Process page for information on obtaining a license.

Purdue's protected marks are referenced within this downloadable PDF and Purdue Brand Guide.

Note: Use of Purdue's trademarks without license or permission is strictly prohibited. Consult with the Trademarks and Licensing office prior to use of the official marks referenced within this document.