Media Placements

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Media Placements

Purdue newsmakers appear in media outlets around the world. Here is a sampling of recent coverage:

Transportation expert discusses use of electronic devices while driving

ABC and CBS news featured Fred Mannering, the Charles Pankow Professor of Civil Engineering, discussing the National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendations for all states to ban electronic devices while driving. Mannering, as an expert, received about 220 media placements. 

Purdue, Indy barbershops partner in new prostate cancer program

A program run by Purdue’s Center for Cancer Research that aims to use barbershop visits to promote awareness of early prostate cancer screening was featured in USA Today, the Chicago Tribune and Indianapolis media.

Purdue trimester plan will accelerate time-to-degree, enhance educational opportunities

Purdue’s Indianapolis news conference to announce the trimester initiative received media placements and favorable opinion pieces across the state. A column by Andrea Neal of the Indianapolis Star was carried in the Star, the Lafayette Journal & Courier, South Bend Tribune, New Albany News & Tribune and Marion Chronicle Tribune.

Purdue launches commercialization center to accelerate discovery to delivery

The Chicago Tribune and media around the state featured a story about the launch of the Innovation Commercialization Center, which is designed to accelerate research into the market and boost job creation by providing seed grants, business advice and patent help. The center is part of the university’s Decadal Funding Plan designed to double Purdue’s revenue and rely less on tuition and state appropriations.

Purdue engineer receives top award from President Obama

Chemical engineering professor Rakesh Agrawal, who holds more than 115 U.S. patents and nearly 500 non-U.S. patents, received more than 200 media placements as a recipient of the 2011 National Medal of Technology and Innovation, awarded by President Obama.

Social movement expert: Critics missing point on Occupy Wall Street

Political science professor Laurel Weldon was a key media source on the Occupy movement, including an appearance on Fox News Network and     quotes in the Toronto Globe and Mail and other media outlets.

Purdue ranked No. 6 nationally for startup creation through technology transfer activities

The Purdue Research Foundation's Office of Technology Commercialization was ranked No. 6 nationally by the Association of University Technology Managers, a nonprofit association of academic technology transfer professionals, for its commercialization success in creating startups through tech transfer activities during fiscal year 2011. This received approximately 50 media placements, including the San Francisco Chronicle and Wall Street Journal MarketWatch.

Purdue builds nation's fastest campus supercomputer

The nation’s fastest campus supercomputer was built in 2011 at Purdue. Nicknamed “Carter,” it was ranked 54th in December on the latest international Top list of the world’s most  powerful supercomputers. The story earned more than 26 national media placements.

Purdue research changes the way football head injuries are handled

Research by professors Thomas Talavage, Eric Nauman and Larry Leverenz showed the significant impact of repeated blows to the head. The professors worked with the Lafayette Jefferson High School football team and have since expanded their study to soccer. Their research received approximately 350 media placements, including a Sports Illustrated cover story, and was covered in most network television news and major dailies through the United States, Canada and England. The Alabama High School Athletic Association has changed its rules on dealing with head injuries as a result of this and other studies.

Purdue researcher wins Nobel Prize in chemistry

Ei-ichi Negishi, the Herbert Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry received the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for creating a method to build complex organic molecules necessary for numerous purposes, from pharmaceutical manufacturing to electronics. Negishi has received more than 600 media placements world-wide since his Nobel was announced in November 2010.

Docs light up cancer

Purdue researchers led by professor Philip Low developed a dye that tracks tumors and glows under fluorescent light, helping guide doctors during cancer surgery. Dutch doctors recently used the dye, likened to a homing device, to light up ovarian cancer cells during surgery in a small study of 10 patients. This was featured in approximately 100 media outlets, including ABC News/Good Morning America, CBS News, the London Daily Mail and CNBC.