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Strategy Stat

When we look at the objectives for our college, department or center and then look at the budget we have to work with, sometimes the dollars fall short of what we'd like. This is when a strategic marketing plan becomes an invaluable tool in making sure the projects we tackle and the dollars we spend help achieve our strategic objectives.

Where to begin? First, review the strategic plan for your area. What are the goals for the coming year, and which ones are most important to accomplish? Prioritize your list based on potential impact. Next step: Meet with your marketing consultant

As an objective participant in the planning process, the marketing consultant can provide a fresh perspective and help you develop a strategy that effectively engages your various stakeholders in new and innovative ways. They can also help identify ways to measure success so you’ll know what’s working and what isn't.

The resulting strategy will determine the marketing and communication tools best suited to achieve your objectives. When working with a limited budget, this allows you to be as strategic and efficient as possible in achieving your strategic communication goals.